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Review of Webcomic: Order of the Stick

The Order of the Stick is a webcomic known primarily for two things. It art style is minimal as the characters are composed of stick figures and secondly, the comic strip author asked for $50 thousand dollars on Kickstarter and won over a million dollars. Kickstarter was new at the time this happened and I think that's part of the reason for the huge reward. The other reason is the comic has a bunch of readers who were big fans. My hunch is that if he held the Kickstarter today, he would've won $100 thousand or so but definitely not a million. We'll see, but I think the award was a fluke.

The huge Kickstarter award started off a gold rush among comic strip authors. I don't know of another comic that won as much since.

To make up for the minimal art, The Order of the Stick has some amazing story telling. The story revolves around several characters who are adventuring in an RPG world many say is Dungeons and Dragons 3e. The characters are aware they are in a game and the rules often play into the gags and jokes.

Rich Burlew started drawing comics in high school where he played Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. His world building skills that he learned in D&D would come in handy in later years when he won a competition put on by Wizards of the Coast, the makers of D&D, for a new world to adventure in. Rich started a web site based on his world and added the comic strip The Order of the Stick as a way to draw in users. Soon the magazine The Dragon, made by The Wizards of the Coast, offered to run his strip. The popularity of the strip grew.

Some of the Kickstarter donors have expressed the enormous amount of money Rich won means that he owes them something. Rich has expressed health concerns and posted pictures of his injured hand on his website to explain why he isn't working on the strip. Lately, it seems he has gone back to work.

I would recommend anyone interested in RPGs to take a look at this strip. It's sure to elicit smiles if not a few outright guffaws.